Shih-tzu Inu
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Shih-Tzu Inu

Once a memecoin becomes popular and skyrockets in value, retail investors sometimes go along for the ride and boost the coin even further. Celebrities and influencers also boost the popularity of certain meme-based coins.
A new meme currency for Shih-Tzu fans, where you can earn a lot of passive money. You need to buy and keep your Shih-tzu tokens, we have a very low fee, massive marketing strategy, from partnerships, to AMA's in major groups such as Gollums, Venom, Caesar and WhaleCoinTalk! We will seek space in the memecoin market, and we promise to surprise everyone! Always prioritizing security for our investors, through Renounce contract, SAFU, KYC and Audit! Be the first, do not miss this opportunity. Shih-Tzu Inu can change everything!